Bullet Looking for talented M.S. and Ph.D. students for European Commission and TÜBİTAK projects!

Bullet ESA  - SETA samples are successfully launched to ISS by SpX - 8 and SpX - 9!

Bullet SETA2 #1 sample was successfully run at ISS!

Bullet Erdem Bektaş joined the group!

Bullet SETA2 #5 sample was successfully run at ISS!



Bullet Received TÜBİTAK 1001 - Scientific and Technological Research Projects Program Grant!

Bullet Work presented in TMS 2015, Orlando, FL, USA!

Bullet Became the responsible investigator within ESA - SETA (Solidification along a Eutectic path in Ternary Alloys) project! 

Bullet Sinan Yücetürk received his M.S. degree!

Bullet Mehmet Emre Çetinkaya joined the group!




Bullet Hosted ESA SETA/SEBA scientific team meeting in Koç University.

Bullet Hüseyin Mert Erdoğan joined the group!




Bullet Received TÜBİTAK 3501 - Career Development Program Grant (Career). 

Bullet Samira Mohagheghi joined the group!




Bullet MEL group is established! 

Bullet Joined the ESA SETA/SEBA scientific team!

Bullet Sinan Yücetürk joined the group!

Bullet Received EC - FP7 Marie Curie - Career Integration Grant (CIG).

Bullet Received the Teaching Innovation Grant from Koç University Office of Learning and Teaching.

Bullet 5 articles are published!