Microstructure Evolution Laboratory

Microstructure Evolution Laboratory (MEL) Group is founded in 2013. The research activities are focused mainly on fundamental aspects of solidification science, with an emphasis on multiphase growth-front dynamics. This includes the study of out-of-equilibrium pattern formation in alloy solidification fronts, crystal growth dynamics, crystal-melt and crystal-crystal interfacial phenomena, morphological evolution during phase transformations, and the effect of anisotropy on pattern formation. Work includes state-of the-art experimental methods for real-time and post-mortem investigation of metallic and transparent organic systems as well as magmasoft and phase-field simulations. Research plans include continued investigation on the microstructure evolution dynamics and to use this fundamental knowledge to control structure and properties in the resulting multiphase materials, create new solidification processes and alloys, and reveal new applications for solidified structures.

Current projects of the group are focused on microstructure evolution of eutectic alloys under controlled solidification conditions. Additionally, industry-related projects are in progress. MEL is funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK), European Commission (EC), and European Space Agency (ESA).

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